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Vinmex Silicone Sealant

Make Over From Old


is one-component, neutral cure general purpose silicone sealant for Upvc windows and doors, Aluminum windows and doors, interior and exterior wall caulking seal. It is widely used and has good adhesion to most of building materials. And it has no corrosion on metal, coated glass, cerement and so on.


  1. install window and door, glass glazing
  2. fill and seal the gap for outdoor and indoor wall



Neutral cure, no pollution and corrosion on metal, coated glass, concrete, marble and other building materials


Excellent adhesion to most building materials


Excellent weathering performance with service life over 50 years under general weathe


Excellent performance within broad temperature range. The cured sealant will not change to be brittle, hardened or cracked at -30degree. It will not change to be soft and deteriorated, and will keep good strength and flexibility at 90degree.


Ideal material for jointing, sealing, bonding and moving joints


Ideal material for jointing, sealing, bonding and moving joints


Vinmex-172 should not be applied:

  1. To building materials that bleed oil, plasticizer or solvent, to materials such as impregnated wood, oil-based caulks, green or partially vulcanized rubber gaskets, or tapes or bituminous below-grade waterproof and asphalt-impregnated fiberboard.
  2. In totally confined spaces.
  3. When substrate surface temperature exceeds 40degree-4degree.
  4. To wet surface.
  5. On the surface in direct contact with food.
  6. For continual high pressure and temperature.
  7. Region that paint is required to sealant.
  8. Do not use for structural glazing.
  9. Construction of an aquarium installation and sealing.
  10. Oxime-cure sealant can’t be used for the circuit board or the back face of the mirror because the oxime-cure sealant will corrode the surface. Alcohol-cure sealant is recommended for the purpose.