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Pacific India has done a marvelous venture by introducing Vinmex in the revolutionary technology concepts for doors, windows and internal partitions in India with an exhaustive and exclusive range of manufacturing solutions in double/triple glazing. Vinmex brought a new dimension in the field of architecture with its latest UPVC range. The company has designed a special line for Indian climatic condition offering tilt and turned, fully reversible pivot and vertical sliding system.

It has provided an effective and durable alternative to wood, aluminum, steel and other metals. Our state of art plant is, in the heart of Karnataka, BANGALORE. Because of our centralized location, we provide all services starting from surveying, quoting, installing and on-going technical support with a shorter lead time and faster delivery at site.


Our products aim at utilizing natural energy sources to the max and thereby contribute in saving the overall global energy. Natural light has been discussed a lot for a long time all over the world and our products help in making the optimum usage of the same

When it comes to quality window and door systems, no one does it better than Vinmex Windows. We use Turkey Profile. Since 2006, Vinmex Windows has been adorning the world in perfect PVC window and door profile systems.

Today, as the world’s leading producer, Vinmex Windows’s quest in providing excellent profiles and services continue unabated. The unparalleled success and rise of Vinmex Windows can be attributed to three fundamental strengths : technological advantage, international know-how, and uncompromising quality assurance and improvement. So when you are looking for the perfect window and door system you often dream about, you really do not need to look beyond Vinmex Windows – a name symbolized QUALITY.